Wild Invasion. Urban Projections for Santurce es ley 2.

Begoña Claveria, Rachel Sender and I prepared this installation for the Santurce is Ley Second Edition of its independent art event. After visiting an abandoned house as our screen, we choose the theme of nature's wildly interventions over Puerto Rico's urban landscape. Being a tropical island, nature is everywhere, invading each and every corner of our cities. We decided to emphasize this with three animations: ants, vines and rain. The projection consisted of an interface of three animations and an interactive feature. This fourth component was a blank canvas were the public could create their own invasions through a drawing pad.

La Ley del Cangrejo from Dos Tigresas y Un Caballito de M on Vimeo.

Wild Invasion-Rain from Andrea Bauza on Vimeo.