Iluminacción, community urban action in Río Piedras Puerto Rico.

A collaboration with The San Juan Public School, The Ivan Illich, initiated by Beta Local. The event was a result of a collaborative workshop for the discussion and experimentation on notions of public space. The exercise was to develop documentations on physical limitations and / or psychological in our public spaces. Therefore the workshop intends to explore the boundaries between their parties as a means to understand and propose new ways of looking and living the city. Other collaborations were given in the form of lectures by CIUDADLAB, and ae.i.ou.

Info related to the workshop here.

The production group consisted of an multidisciplinary team formed by: Natalia Muñoz, Isabel Ramírez, Natalia Martínez, Felix Rodríguez, Griselle Fullana, Fernando Navarro, Jonh Fritz, Lola Rivera and Juan Calaf.

Iluminacción. from leandro fabrizi on Vimeo.